Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bless you!

What a day today has been. Ever have one of those days? You know the ones. The days when you feel like the center of some big joke and you are the butt of it?

My dear husband is still out of town with my older children. THEY are having a grand time. Meanwhile, I am at home with Chaos and Mischief. My precious in-laws are coming into town in the next few days. The house is a wreck and last week I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. So - there is a lot on my plate and a lot more to tackle.

After what seemed like already a very long day - see previous post about potty time (Yes, that was this morning) I was exhausted. Mischief had more energy than usual, and she is talking, A LOT. Where is Ka-Ka? (aka Katelyn, my eldest) Where is A-A (Ashley my second oldest) Where is Daddy? (You know my most precious and handsome husband who is always missing during life lessons) ALL day long. No joke. Every minute of the day. EVERY. Seriously.

My husband works from a home office so Bethany is used to having Daddy at her disposal and of course the older girls are home schooled, so we are always together. I explained and explained where they were. She was so offended. Why did she have to stay home with - gasp - Mother?

Back ground - husband is the fun one and I am, well, not so much. He takes off and plays - rides bikes, swings, rolls around on the carpet wrestling, you know FUN. I on the other hand, I am washing dishes, washing clothes, feeding babies, changing diapers (he doesn’t do potty) and picking up after my litter - of pigs! So my reputation in this household is that of, well not so fun.
I tried being fun once, but in the process we lost a kid in the piles of laundry and haven’t seen her since. HA. Okay, maybe not, but things did get pretty messy.

Anyway, after battling Bethany and her endless quest for Daddy, Ka-Ka and A-A, I was exhausted and frustrated and ready for a major break. So, I put Bethany down for a nap, early. That didn’t fly well with my little 2 year old. She had a melt down.

Frankly, I didn’t care. Dawson was asleep and I needed a break. I was sitting on the couch wondering if I would make it another day without my husband.

Ah - Ah - CHOO. I sneezed.


“Bess you!” came a little voice from her bedroom.

And then I remember, that is right. I am bessed, er I mean blessed. God granted me the honor to be the Mother and keeper of these children for a season and even when things are tough, I am blessed!

So if you are a mother or a father - Bless you!!!

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Christa said...

I just love you ! I knew the moments I drove by and saw you dancing in front of Walgreens that you were a kindred spirit!