Thursday, September 18, 2008

Better full than empty...

I am stealing that saying from a friend of mine. She states that in one of her blogs. The reason - she states that she is tired of people telling her that she has her hands full. Isn’t that the truth? She, like me, has four children. In a society that the norm is what, 2 and 1/2? I still would like to see that 1/2. My two year old is about a 1/2 of the size of my nine year old, but about five times worth the work. Oh, I am not saying she isn’t worth the effort, all good things in life take effort, but she is, none-the-less, effort, and definately not a 1/2.

Anyway, back to better full than empty. What is Brenda’s point? That people stare at her expanded and “large” family and comment, “WOW, you have your hands FULL!” Her comment back, “Yup - but better full than empty!” I like that. Brenda is a real woman. She is a self proclaimed tree hugging hippie. In many ways, we differ greatly. We don’t share the same religious or political views. She is much more “natural” in her approach than I am. There really isn’t any level we should connect on, but we do. We are moms. I appreciate her and respect her for who she is. She is busy raising her children to be responsible, caring, intelligent people that will better society. That is my goal with my kids too. Now granted, our kids will most likely be on different sides of the issues - both passionate in their cause and both feeling that the other side is wrong, heldfast in their convictions.

Above all else, I hope that they will see the person on the other side of that issue and give them respect. We are all different. We all have our opinions and pigheadedness about us. I like to think I am right all the time, but as I have pointed out in other blogs, even my nine year old has proven me wrong on more than one occasion. I like that. I don’t like being wrong of course, but I like having a child with a mind of her own and a voice that she isn’t afraid to raise. That is the biggest lesson and gift that I would like to see each of my children receive. Along with that gift comes great responsibility. A mouth to voice our opinions, but ears to listen to others. We aren’t always right, we aren’t always wrong, and sometimes we have to agree to disagree. At that point, my hope is that they will have the discernment to know to still love the issue, but love the person more. There isn’t a lot in life that is worth the sacrifice of love just to get our point across.

I read Brenda's blog everytime she blesses her site with a new insight. Like I said, we don't always agree, but I do always learn something that I can take and use in my life. Her words are like mana to my soul. She is a mama who loves her husband and loves her children and strives to do the very best she can with the gifts that God has given her, as I try to do the best I can for mine. That we can always agree on!

I wonder if she too gets the comment, “WOW. Four children. Haven’t you figured out what causes that yet?”

I think next time I get asked that, I may have to tell them that we have a little too much free time at night!

Above all else, as moms know, Brenda is right. Life is better full than empty!

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