Sunday, September 21, 2008

That fallish feeling...

Sunday afternoon. No, a QUIET Sunday afternoon. A thing of dreams, yes?

Here I am - Sunday afternoon and the only noise I hear is the chirping and swinging of the baby swing. My 4 month old, Dawson, is stung and twisted a little so he is better able to suck on the little pillow behind his head. He is in heaven.

The two older children are downstairs playing in the rec room, once in a while I hear one asking the other a question about her Barbie, but otherwise, no yelling, no screaming, no hitting, no noise.

My in-laws are here. Mom-in-law is stug in her room taking a little nap.

My Dad-in-law, husband and two year old Bethany are outside doing some Sunday type chores.

The football game is on, but I am so used to ignoring Football, I hardly notice.

Here I sit. And you know what?

I'm bored.

Sure, I could be cleaning. I could be cooking. I could be doing anything. In fact, I should be cleaning. I should be cooking. I should be doing something. But, I don't wanna. Sometimes in the life of a mom, boredom is a luxery.

Remember when we were kids and we would whine to mom and say "MOM, I'm bored."
My mom would always reply, go clean your room, play with your hamster, play with your sister/brother, go do something. She never told me to enjoy - boredom is a luxery you won't always get!

I do plan to try a new recipe. I know it isn't fall yet, but I have that fallish feeling. My in-laws are visiting, the weather is starting to chill (at night) and it feels like apples and raisins. I am in the mood to get out all my pumpkins and leaves and scarecrows and decorate the house. Make a big apple pie, and maybe some raisin and oat granola bars. I do plan to use this time of peace and quiet to enjoy things I don't typically get to do. If I actually get to do any of it - I will take some pictures so that someone besides me can enjoy those fall decorations! LOL. Of course as soon as I log off with the intension of doing something, well, that is when the in-laws will wake and begin to stir, the baby will start crying, the girls will start fighting and the toddler will play in the mud and need a bath! With a house full of people though, perhaps this day and others like it - I will find myself with the ability to do what I enjoy. That is if I can remember what it is I enjoy!

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Maria said...

Post those pictures. I'd enjoy seeing them.
Be blessed!