Sunday, September 14, 2008

Surely he didn't pee that much!

Well another day, another flood. However, today I got blessed two times with two floods from two different children. Yup, you guessed it, Mischief woke up with no diaper on. Surprise, surprise. Same routine as yesterday.

Pan over to the potty, she is on it. She is admiring it. She has a huge smile on her face.

“Mommy, LOOK. Pee pee.”

Sure. I roll my eyes in disgust. We have been through this many times before.

“Mommy, I pee pee. NUM!”

Okay - num is gum in her two year old language. I know, it is awful, but I have reverted to flat out bribes.

“No, gum, Bethany. You have to actually pee pee in the potty to get gum.”

“Mommy, look in dere - dere is my pee pee.”

I walk over and sure enough there is a TON of pee pee nice and neatly in the potty and this child is PROUD. I started to cry. Wow - hormones are a funny thing. I want her to grow up, I want her to pee in the potty. I do. But with emptying the pee pee into the toilet from her little potty and flushing it, I realize, as I am saying bye-bye pee pee, I am also saying good-bye in part to my toddler that suddenly became a big girl.

As we walk proudly from the restroom, her with a shirt but exposed hiney because she still refuses to wear anything - I hear Dawson from the master bedroom crying. I smile. One down, one to go.

I walk in to pick up my son, and water starts flooding out of his diaper. He is wet, his clothes are wet, my bed is wet. Wet, wet, wet. Noah found a new place for his arc. This time I laughed. And then, I put him in the bath, changed my linens, put another load of laundry in the washer and we began our day.

Now Bethany hasn’t had any accidents, yet, though while in the bathtub she did announce that she went pee. I told her no pee pee in the bath Bethany. She laughed.

As I sit here and blog my day thus far, I have to ask myself, what is up with these diapers? Dawson’s diapers say right on the package that they are good for 8-14 pounds. Surely he didn’t pee that much!

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