Saturday, September 13, 2008

The good, the bad, and the uglies of being a mom

It is true. It is a blessed thing to be called Mom. You are born a daughter, you may even be fortunate enough to be a sister, sometimes even an aunt. Eventually you become a Mrs., and then you are blessed and honored when someone can call you Mom.

It is also true, that being a Mom can be good, bad, and sometimes a little ugly but always unpredictable. We can go to bed at night and beat ourselves up with a bad parenting choice, feel the woe is me - I am under appreciated and over worked, or we can go to bed and laugh.

I choose to laugh.

Sure, when there is flour all over the floor from the children’s desire to try their hand at baking, or a gerbil goes missing, or when the little one decides to make potty art in her crib; sometimes at those exact moments, laughter is far from our thoughts. But when they are all nestled in their beds and they truly look like angels, then we can rewind our day and get a chuckle -maybe even journal the day’s activities to use against them on their wedding day, or better yet remind them of it when they complain about THEIR children!

There are times I look back on my day and think “surely I am making this stuff up.” However, if you are a mom, you know you can’t make this stuff up. It happens. It is the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly of being a mom.

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