Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's potty time!

Today I have decided it is time for my daughter to become potty trained. She turned 2 in May and frankly with a new baby in the house we are overloaded with diapers. We have been encouraging her for a while, but she is stubborn and doesn’t appreciate the need to be clean. In fact, if she is running around the house naked as toddlers do, and the feeling strikes her she will quickly into her room grab a diaper and bring it to me. I put it on, she pees, she removes it and the saga continues.

This morning I heard “Mommy, I want out!” Yes, she is still in her crib too. She refuses her big girl bed and I am too tired to fight it. So, she is trapped until I can get in there and get her out. Which sometimes, I must admit, I stall! “Mommy, I want OUT!” Now she is getting a little more demanding. I go on about my business. “In a minute” I think. “There are still a few more things I need to do before I can get her”.

“MOMMY!” Okay, I think she means it now. “I went PEE PEE!”

Okay, news flash. She goes pee pee daily, and a lot. I call her my pee pee hound. She drinks and therefore she pees, a lot. This just didn’t strike me as odd.


Enough already!

I enter her room.

The arc was loaded with animals because the flood gates had opened. Bethany, my sweet precious pee hound had decided last night that she didn’t need a diaper. So, she took it off and neatly hung it on the side of her crib. It was folded very neatly and it was dry.

So, when pee pee hound slept - she peed, and peed, and peed and peed. Well you get the idea. Literally, the waters were flowing over the side of her bed. Everything in her bed was soaking wet - including her and her hair. It was pretty. Fortunately I have wood floors, so the puddles just kind of spread over the room. I am not kidding, there was some major pee in there. I truly thought at first that a pipe had broke somewhere. But, there is no plumbing in there - except well, for Bethany’s personal plumbing.

So there she sits, wet and splashing in the little pool she created. YUCK.

Now if you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that when these things happen - dear hubby is gone. Well, he took my older children camping and left me with Mischief and Chaos. So Chaos, aka my four month old Dawson, is lying on the bed in my bedroom SCREAMING because his breakfast had been cut short.

So I take Mischief, aka pee pee hound, aka Bethany and put her in the bath - no water, just the tub. I strip her bed as quickly as possible and stuff everything I can in the washer. I run as fast as I can,start the water, give her a quick bath. Get her out and dressed again (I should have duck taped that diaper on), finish feeding Dawson, take the pee pee clothes out of washer and put them in dryer and take a breath. A breather. I sit down. Five seconds to “relax”.
Pan over to living room. Bethany is sitting on the leather couch and lo and behold I see skin! Yup, diaper has been taken off and again neatly placed beside her.

So, she has spent the last 20 minutes on her potty watching YouTube with Elmo on the potty. No pee pee yet but I would imagine as soon as she needs to she will take that diaper off again and give the couch a good soaking.

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